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Minutes Warsaw

Meeting Documents

Item 1             Adoption of meeting agenda, minutes of last full Board meeting, and notes of ad-hoc meeting

Item 2             Activities report, including updates on Working Group activites andmajor projects, including SAPEA and EASAC.

Item 3             Planned activities concerning the topic of “Data Governance”

Item 4            ALLEA statement on Plan S

Item 5             Endorsement of ALLEA and SAPEA products

Item 6             Finances: 2018 financial report and 2019 business plan – drafts and approval procedures

Item 7             Strategy Draft and Timeline

  • Item 7_DraftALLEAStrategy

Item 8             Academic Freedom: Joint endeavour with Science Europe and EUA / recentdevelopments

Item 9             ALLEA Membership (esp. the case of EASA Salzburg)

Item 10             ALLEA General Assembly 2019

Item 11             Next meetings and any other business