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Meeting Documents

Item 1             Adoption of meeting agenda, minutes of last full Board meeting, and notes of ad-hoc meeting

Item 2            Activities report, including updates on Working Group activities and major projects/collaborations.

Item 3             Proposal: ALLEA-KVAB activity on “genome editing”

Item 4             Update on SAPEA

Item 5 a)            Strategy: Discussion of second draft and feedback from the academies


Item 5 b)            Strategy: Design, implementation plan and communications strategy

Item 6            Re-design of ALLEA corporate image and re-launch of ALLEA website

Item 7            Preparation of meeting with EASAC Bureau

Item 8            Finances: final 2018 report and 2019 business plan – approval required

Item 9            ALLEA Membership

Item 10            Academic Freedom and institutional autonomy

Item 11            ALLEA 25th anniversary and General Assembly: programme and agenda

Item 12            Selection of horizon scanning topics for business meeting


Item 13            Next meetings and any other business