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Many great scientific projects start with one talk between two people. People take a break, the coffee is warm, and one idea pops up. The art of conversation helps wondering, sparks constructive questions, creates connections, reinforces trust. In today’s accelerated times, a pause to breathe, talk, and listen seems critical. The ALLEA Digital Salon opens a space for this. It explores science one conversation at a time. We invite experts, members, and friends to bring their fresh ideas in an open dialogue for debate. Original interviews, analyses, and commentary will look into the areas of our work: Research Policy, Science Advice, and Science & Society. Welcome and join the conversation!

“Science Communication Is How Society Talks About Science”

“Unfortunately, a representation of the public as hostile, sceptical and ignorant is still widespread among policy makers and experts, supporting a paternalistic and authoritarian vision of science communication and of science in society”, argues Professor Massimiano Bucchi (University of Trento), one of the leading European scholars on the science of science communication.

Science with Society: The SCISO Project

What measures can scientists take to make their work more trustworthy? What tools are available to increase and improve the dialogue between science and society? These are the questions that the Global Young Academy's SCISO Project seeks to answer. In this interview, Professor Lisa Herzog explains the vision and mission of the SCISO Project.

“We Have to Be Ready to Support Ukrainian Researchers as Long as Necessary”

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine shocked the world, the international scientific community has mobilised fast to provide displaced scholars with immediate assistance. Professor Paweł Rowiński, Vice President of the Polish Academy of Sciences and member of the ALLEA Board, shares the current experience of the Polish Academy in providing support to Ukrainian scientists.

“Science Communication Is How Society Talks About Science”

The increasing amount and spreading capacity of online disinformation coupled with the ongoing global pandemic have made the need to improve the way we communicate science painfully clear. Seeking to dissect the importance of increasing and improving communication channels between science and society, we interviewed Professor Massimiano Bucchi, one of the leading European scholars on the science of science communication.

Discussing Academia’s Gender Problem with Dr Nafissa Ismail

On the occassion of International Women's Day, we interviewed Dr Nafissa Ismail, Associate Professor at the School of Psychology, University of Ottawa and project leader of the 'Women in Science' Working Group at the Global Young Academy.

Two Generations on Women in Science Day: Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Valerie Domcke

“Because I was a girl, I was not expected to do science. I was expected to learn cookery and needlework”, says Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the woman who discovered radio pulsars and changed the way we look at the universe. She is one of the two interviewees that we brought together on today’s International Day on Women and Girls in Science.

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How can science reduce its emissions without compromising excellence and international collaboration?

Read the ALLEA #DigitalSalon interview with @AstridEichhorn from @Junge_Akademie on how the Scientific System can become more sustainable today👇


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