Programme and hotel information
Power Point
Meeting documents

Item 1 – Approval of the meeting agenda / Minutes of last meeting
Minutes of last ALLEA Board meeting

Item 2 – Report: Recent, on-going and upcoming activities / ALLEA administration and office
Letter from Commissioner Moedas

Item 3 – Finances: report 2015 and outlook 2016
Overview ALLEA Membership Dues 2015 and 2016 (incl. voluntary contributions)
Overview: updated membership dues scheme
Draft 2015 balance sheet

Revised draft 2015 expenditures overview
Revised draft 2016 business plan
Revised proposal on regular membership due increases

Item 4 – New and pending membership applications
Letter from the UK academies concerning the application from Wales
Overview: categories of associate membership

Item 5 – Preparation of 2016 business meeting: selected key issues
Draft agenda 2016 GA business meeting
Table ALLEA Board Membership 2012-18
SASA Hot topic

Item 6 – Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM): Update and next steps
Draft minutes of the ‘SAM meeting’ held in Amsterdam on 19 February 2016
Proposal for joint nominations and nominations to EASAC working groups
Proposal: procedures for setting up and running SAM working groups led by ALLEA

Item 8 – Future role and mission of ALLEA Working Groups (follow-up to Dublin decisions)
Minutes of the Joint Meeting in Dublin
Dakar Declaration (WG Science Education)

Message to European Commissioners (WG Science Education)

Item 9 – Update: 2016 and 2017 General Assemblies/ ALLEA Mme de Stael Prize
Conference Programme General Assembly 2016
Overview: GA schedule for ALLEA Board members

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Travel information pack