Power Point

Meeting documents

Item 1 – Approval of the meeting agenda / Minutes of last Board meeting
Minutes of last ALLEA Board meeting

Item 2 – Report: Recent, on-going and upcoming activities including Working Group activities
Letter from Serbian Academy (SASA), 18.08.2015

Letter from Kosova Academy (ASHAK), 31.08.2015

Item 3 – Finances
Overview ALLEA Membership Dues 2015

Proposal towards non-payers

Item 4 – New and pending membership applications
Report from the Science Academy (to be received)

Item 5 – Scientific Advice to the European Commission: Update and perspectives
Draft minutes of the ‘SAM meetings’ held in Berlin on 27/28 August 2015 (to be received)

Item 6 – Other science policy issues and activities (ALLEA-ESF events; Science Meets Parliaments; etc.)
Programme “Science meets Parliaments”

Outline about ESF-ALLEA-event on “Inequalities” incl. budget

Information on REIsearch platform

Correspondence regarding ERA stakeholder platform

Item 8 – 2016 General Assembly and Mme de Stael prize / 2017 General Assembly co-organised by Academia Europaea
Academia Europaea conference programme for Budapest 2017

Invitation letter from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for General Assembly 2018 in Sofia

Additional Information

Travel information pack