Meeting documents

Item 1 – Approval of the meeting agenda/ Minutes of the last meeting

Meeting Agenda Minutes of last ALLEA Board meeting

Item 2 – Report: Recent, on-going and upcoming activities

Brief on selected ALLEA Working Group and project activities Summary European Academies Meeting London

Item 3 – Update membership dues / Draft financial report 2016 and business plan 2o17

Overview ALLEA membership dues 2016 including 5% contributions / Draft 2016 Financial Report / Draft 2017 Business Plan

Item 4 – New and pending membership applications

No attachments

Item 5 – SAM and SAPEA: Update and next steps

Presentation on SAPEA developments and next steps

Item 6 – Follow-up activities to 2016 General Assembly

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Item 7 – Preparation of 2017 reporting procedure, including “open” Board Meeting in 2017

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Item 8 – 2017 ALLEA-AE Joint Conference/ Potential topics for GA 2018 Conference

Revised draft conference programme "Sustainability and Resilience"

Item 9 – Next meetings and any other business

Additional Information

Travel Information Pack