Hotel Recommendations


Meeting documents


Item 1  Adoption of meeting agenda / Approval of minutes of last Board meeting

Item 2  Recent, on-going and upcoming activities, including ALLEA working groups

Item 3  Membership dues / Financial and activities report 2016 / Business plan 2017

Item 4  ALLEA’s new Working Group on EU Framework Programme 9 (Prof. John Bell)

Item 5  Discussion on work of ALLEA subscription working group (with Prof. John Bell)

Item 6  SAM and SAPEA: Update and next steps (presented by Dr Céline Tschirhart)
Item 7  New and pending membership applications


Item 8  Preparation of 2017 annual business meeting.


Item 9  2017 ALLEA-AE joint conference “Sustainability and Resilience” in Budapest


Item 10  2018 General Assembly and joint ALLEA-AE conference in Sofia

Item 11  Discussion on potential future ALLEA events co-organised by member academies

Item 12  Next meetings and any other business