Practicality sheet and programme



Meeting documents

Item 1 – Approval of the meeting agenda / Minutes of last Board meeting

Minutes of last ALLEA Board meeting

Item 2 – Report: Recent, on-going and upcoming activities including Working Group activities

Brief on Code of Conduct revision

Brief on ENERI

Brief on AGATE

Item 3 – Proposal from academies for joint activities under the umbrella of ALLEA

Letter and project description “Europe’s Future” (British Academy)
/ Email from TÜBA President on conference "The making of European identity"

Overview ALLEA membership dues 2016 including 5% contributions

Item 5 – New and pending membership applications

Mail from three UK academies

Item 6 –Follow-up activities to 2016 General Assembly

No attachments

Item 7 – 2017 General Assembly and Mme de Stael prize

Programme outlines including ALLEA speaker proposals

Item 8 – SAM and SAPEA: Update and next steps

Report on Public Engagement Survey/ Presentation on SAPEA development and next steps

Item 9 – Science Diplomacy activities

ALLEA Statement on Coup d'Etat in Turkey

ALLEA Statement on Brexit

Item 10 –How to deal with declarations of interest from academies and other partners
No attachments

Item 11 – Next meetings and any other business

Draft programme Belgrade meeting