Power Point Presentation

Meeting documents

Item 1 – Approval of the meeting agenda / Minutes of last meeting
Meeting Agenda
Minutes of last ALLEA Board meeting

Item 2 – Report: Recent, on-going and upcoming activities
Letter from ALLEA President to Prime Minister of Slovak Republic

Item 3 – Update on Working Groups activities
ALLEA remarks on Horizon 2020 scoping papers for work programmes 2016/17

Item 4 – Update on finances and ALLEA Membership dues 2014/2015
Overview ALLEA Membership Dues 2014/2015

Item 6 – General Assembly 2015 / ALLEA Mme de Staël Prize 2015
Revised draft programme for General Assembly 2015 and award ceremony  

Item 7 – Preparation of General Assembly decisions
Side note to minutes of Berlin meeting (July 2014)

Item 8 – Discussion on abolition of CSA position
Research Europe article of 20 Nov. 2014 on the abolition of the CSA position

Item 9 – Science policy activities and cooperation with partner institutions
Revised proposal for the STIS dialogue (18 Nov. 2014)

Mail from IAP co-chairs

LEIDEN Statement

Press release LERU, 26 November 2014

Item 11 – Next meetings and any other business
STAC report “The future of Europe is Science” of October 2014

Additional Information

Practical Information