Meeting Documents:

Item 1: Approval of the meeting agenda/ Minutes of last meeting
Minutes of last ALLEA Board meeting

Item 2: Report: Recent, on-going and upcoming activities (Presidency)
Joint Academies Statement “Mastering Demographic Change in Europe”

Item 3: Update of finances: Membership dues 2014
Overview ALLEA Membership Dues 2014

Item 8: Data protection regulation – possible endorsement by ALLEA
Statement on “Protecting health and scientific research in the Data Protection Regulation”

Item 9: Portfolio of ALLEA Board members
Proposal on portfolios of Board members

Handouts (Presented during the meeting)

Item 2: Report: Recent. on-going and upcoming activities (Presidency)
Horizon 2020: Inequalities Horizon Scanning Workshop

Item 10: International cooperation and planned joint activities with partners
Proposal for a joint ALLEA-ESF conference in Brussels in 2015

Euro-Case proposal for STIS dialogue

Report on the Meeting of the European Alliance for the Social Sciences and Humanities, Berlin 9 May 2014

Additional Information


Practical information