ALLEA General Assembly, 29/30 April 2013, Berlin. Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities


Assembly Chair: ALLEA President Günter Stock

Group photo


att. 1. Meeting agenda: ALLEA General Assembly 2013 – Business meeting

att. 2.1. Draft minutes: General Assembly business meeting 2012

att. 2.2. Nomination letter for Prof. Eugene Nickolov from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

att. 3. ALLEA activities report 2012 and strategic outlook 2013-15 (slides)

att. 4.1. Joined document: ALLEA finances 01.01. – 31.08.2012 (provided by KNAW)

att. 4.2. Joined document: ALLEA finances 01.06. – 31.12.2012 (provided by Union of German   Academies / Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz)

att. 4.3. ALLEA business plan for 2013 (by ALLEA Presidency)

att. 6. Draft: Procedures for ALLEA working groups and endorsement of their publication

att. 8.  Application dossiers for membership in ALLEA: Armenia, Belgium (2x), Turkey
Further documents:

ALLEA Roadmap for embedding the Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020

ALLEA summary of the report “A renewal of science education in Europe: Views and Actions of National Academies”

Joint note of support by ALLEA, Academia Europaea and EASAC to Open Letter of Nobel prize and Field medal winners regarding cuts in the EU-budget on research

ALLEA Comments on the European Commission’s Communication “A reinforced European Research Area Partnership for Excellence and Growth”

ALLEA Statement on Patentability of Inventions Involving Human Embryonic Pluripotent Stem Cells in Europe of May 2011 and the Judgment of the Court of European Communities (Grand Chamber) of 18 October 2011 in Case C-34/10

Joint Declaration: “Open Science for the 21st Century”


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