Current issues in Science Education

Conference organised by ALLEA through its Science Education Working Group, the Polish Academy of Sciences, supported by its Representative Office in Kyiv, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine UNESCO Center for Science Education and the National Academy of Educational Sciences

For over two decades Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) has been considered essential for forming critical thinking skills and in supporting young people in developing the requisite knowledge and skills to build and sustain peaceful, knowledge-based societies. The consolidation of what has been accomplished within STEM education and it’s evolvement into STEAM education is one of the current issues the symposium addresses.

The heterogeneous nature of educational systems that participate in largescale studies of achievement (for example, PISA/ TIMSS) poses a number of challenges including the decision of what should be measured and how to measure this in a comparable way. In the second panel discussion some of the challenges in measuring such diverse populations that participate in international studies of achievement in science will be considered. The complexities of the issues surrounding Climate Change can pose complexities for education, however, effective climate change education can also provide opportunities for young people to develop their scientific knowledge, inquiry, problem solving and critical thinking skills.  These issues will be explored in the final part of the symposium.

To explore these three current issues in science education, the symposium will comprise three discussion panels:

  • From STEM to STEAM;
  • International Large-Scale Studies of Achievement;
  • Climate Change Education.

The Discussion panels will be followed by two parallel workshops, From STEM to STEAM and Climate Change Education.

The event will be followed by a closed meeting of ALLEA’s Science Education Working Group.


21 January 2021 (tbc)



Opera Hotel
53, B. Khmelnytskogo Street
Kyiv, 01054




Maxym Halchenko

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