Dare to Know! ALLEA at the Berlin Science Week

ALLEA is proud to be part of the Berlin Science Week for a second year. The science festival provides international scientists and science driven organisations with a stage to share insights into current topics, discuss grand challenges and envision the future together.

Under this year’s theme “Dare to Know” and in the spirit of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), three events dedicated to climate change and the energy transition will take place under the auspices of ALLEA and its projects.

On 2 November (17:00 CEST), the PERITIA lecture “Why is Climate Action So Hard?” by Philosopher of Science Philip Kitcher will take place digitally and open to all by Zoom registration. This talk will address why climate action has been sporadic, and far too slow.

On 6 November (12:00 CEST), ALLEA will celebrate the Madame de Staël Prize Lecture in a hybrid format. This year’s laureate, Professor Helen Keller, will deliver a lecture titled ‘Climate Change in Human Rights Courts: Overcoming Procedural Hurdles in Transboundary Environmental Cases’. A panel discussion will be held after Professor Keller’s lecture, followed by a Q&A session and a reception with a flying buffet.

SAPEA will also join this festival with a hybrid event Time travel and climate: changing the past to fix the future. Experts and participants will address the question: How could a time machine help us reinvent our energy system?

The Berlin Science Week takes place with in-person or hybrid events at many locations across Berlin, from 1 to 10 November. The festival seeks to foster debates and knowledge exchange in an open and interdisciplinary spirit.

This year’s theme encompasses major topics such as ‘Planetary Health & Sustainability’, ‘Health & Wellbeing’, ‘Tech & Engineering Innovations’, ‘Future of Life & Work’, ‘Societal Trends and Transformations’, ‘Discovering Earth & Space’ and ‘Art & Science’. Registration is open to all.