Science Advice for Policy by European Academies

As one of five academy networks in Europe, ALLEA is involved in the SAPEA project (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies).

SAPEA’s role in the Scientific Advice Mechanism is to provide independent, high-quality reviews of the evidence to inform the policy recommendations made by the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors. SAPEA is a consortium of academy networks, funded by Horizon Europe, representing a large number of academies from different countries. Through ALLEA and the other networks, they bring together outstanding expertise from natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical, health, agricultural and social sciences, and the humanities.

SAPEA follows quality assurance guidelines and procedures on science advice for policy and society: read more about them here.

ALLEA Contact

Céline Tschirhart
Scientific Policy Officer

Related Events

Science for Policy in Europe Conference

In the current "polycrises" landscape, where facts are uncertain, values vary, and decisions are urgent, a simple statement of scientific evidence is not enough to inform policymaking.

Webinar – Entangled Crises: How Can the EU Help?

The European Union was never intended to be a crisis manager, but should it play a more important role in tackling crises? Should it improve its strategic crisis management, and if so, how? What are the solutions supported by the latest scientific evidence? What ethical considerations should be taken into account in preparing for and managing crises?   This interactive and free webinar is for academics, policymakers of all levels, crisis management practitioners, as well as civil society and private sector representatives.

Related News

SAPEA Workshops Highlight Academy Interactions for Better Policy Advice

On 23 May 2024, SAPEA organised two engaging workshops in Berlin aiming to address key aspects of scientific collaboration among European academies and to promote the involvement of early and mid-career researchers in science advice. This event brought together 90 representatives from various European academies and was included as part of the ALLEA General Assembly.

We Need a New European Institute for AI in Science, Academies Advise European Commission

A group of renowned scientists, nominated by academies through the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism, have advised Commissioners on the use of AI in science. The advice comes in response to a request to guide and support the overall European Commission’s strategy for AI in research and innovation. These recommendations were handed over to Commissioners Ivanova and EVC Vestager, today in Brussels.

Europe Needs More Strategic Crisis Management, Academies Advise European Commission

Europe's academies and networks played a central role in the scientific advice on crisis management handed to European Commissioners today in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

ALLEA Leads New SAPEA Project on Strategic Crisis Management in the EU

ALLEA is taking the lead on a new SAPEA project on the topic “Strategic Crisis Management in the EU”, to address a question raised by European Commissioners to the Scientific Advice Mechanism: Based on a broad and multidisciplinary understanding, how can the EU improve its strategic crisis management?

Energy Transition Needs to Accelerate Urgently, Says EU’s Scientific Advice Mechanism

There are many possible pathways towards a carbon-neutral future — and achieving it by 2050 is possible but requires urgent action. This is the conclusion of a group of top scientists tasked by the European Commission with advising on how to facilitate the energy transition in Europe.

ALLEA President Takes over as Chair of SAPEA

ALLEA President Antonio Loprieno became the new chair of the SAPEA Board. SAPEA is part of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism and brings together outstanding expertise in engineering, humanities, medicine, natural and social sciences from over 100 academies, young academies and learned societies across Europe.

History and Future of Knowledge – Interview With ALLEA President

How is the nature of knowledge changing? What is the impact of the digital revolution on the roles of universities, academies and science advisors? Is democratisation of knowledge always a good thing? Professor Antonio Loprieno, ALLEA president, discusses these questions with Toby Wardman of SAPEA.

New Evidence Review Report: Can Biodegradable Plastics Help Reduce Plastic Pollution?

What does ‘biodegradable plastic’ mean?  Can biodegradable plastics help reduce plastic pollution? The SAPEA’s Evidence Review Report presents the latest scientific evidence on biodegradability of plastics in the open environment.

SAPEA Science for policy podcast

In September, SAPEA - one of ALLEA’s flagship projects - launched a series of podcasts on science advice for policy. Invited experts and science advice practitioners reflect on how far we should rely on science to make political decisions,  what makes a good science advisor, what to do when the evidence is incomplete or controversial,  what happens when science advice goes wrong,  and other questions on science-policy interactions.

Covid-19 and our food: How is the current crisis affecting how we eat?

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered many aspects of our daily lives, including our trip to the supermarket, the access to food at times of uncertainty or how we eat when we spend more time at home. SAPEA just started a webinar series dedicated to "Sustainable food system" and the first webinar opened the discussion diving into the question of food and Covid-19.

Within the Scientific Advice Mechanism, SAPEA is funded by the European Union. The activities of associated partners Academia Europaea and Cardiff University are funded by UKRI (grant number 10033786).