New ALLEA Report Highlights the Evolution of Digital Practices in the Humanities

In an era marked by rapid advancements in technology and an increasing emphasis on Open and digital outputs, the humanities have seen a significant transformation in their scholarly practices. To address, evaluate and recognise these changes, the report ‘Recognising Digital Scholarly Outputs in the Humanities’ sheds light on the evolving landscape of digital humanities scholarship.

New publication 📚 'Recognising Digital Scholarly Outputs in the Humanities' is not just a report, it's your practical guide to navigating the evolving scholarly landscape.

It bridges the gap b/w traditional & innovative scholarly outputs.

Read more: https://allea.org/portfolio-item/recognising-digital-scholarly-outputs-in-the-humanities/

#AcademicFreedom is critical to a free society.

#ALLEA is proud to be part of the high-level conference organised by @EP_ScienceTech on the state of #AcademicFreedom in Europe, happening today.

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ALLEA and @EUScienceAdvice's Celine Tschirhart welcomes attendees to the 16th Meeting of the #Brussels Dialogue on #Climate Diplomacy to discuss how the #EU can develop proactive measures to deal with interacting crises.

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Next week, @IBLPAN celebrates its 10th #anniversary with a symposium on #DigitalHumanities

@maciejmaryl, Chair of our #E-Humanities Working Group, will present the new report on valuing non-traditional outputs in the humanities.

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