ALLEA and ISC Hold Second Conference on the Ukraine Crisis

ALLEA and ISC invite you to attend the “2nd Conference on the Ukraine Crisis: one year of war in Ukraine, exploring the impact on the science sector and supporting initiatives”. The conference will take place virtually on 20-22 March 2023.

“We Need Professional Scientific Journalism Back”

Dr Carlo Martini, head of PERITIA's work package on Behavioural Tools for Building Trust, speaks to ALLEA Digital Salon on how people can spot scientific disinformation and the importance of professional scientific journalism during a crisis.

Tune in at 1900 CET to understand why we need #public #trust in times of #crisis!

Watch here👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPY8xBYvz7E


Representatives from @KingsCollegeLon, @ALLEA_academies, @ucddublin and @AUAtweets share their reflections in the afternoon panel on Deliberative Mini Publics, our project designed by @senseaboutsci and @policyatkings. @kirstie_hewlett @suzanne_khall @mariabaghramian

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