“Questions, Not Answers, Are Better Suited to Start a Reflection on Ethical Issues”

TechEthos published a report on the ethical issues that need to be considered for three technology families: Digital eXtended Reality, neurotechnologies, and climate Engineering. In this Digital Salon interview, we speak with the lead author of the report, Dr Laurynas Adomaitis, on the ethical dilemmas inherent to emerging technologies, how researchers can effectively use the tools in the report, and the role for policymakers and funding organisations in promoting the integration of ethics into every stage of technology research.

FSCC 2.0: Documentation Portal and Policy Recommendations Launched

The policy recommendations from the Future of Science Communication 2.0 can now be found on the interactive portal documenting both the first virtual conference, held in June 2021, and FSCC 2.0. The portal includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, and short summaries and video snapshots of the four interactive workshops.

The Path to Inclusive Science Paved with Preprints?

In this conversation with Dr Jessica Polka, Executive Director and Co-Founder of ASAPbio (Accelerating Science and Publication in biology), we talk about the productive use of preprints, as well as the critical role for transparent and open peer review in making research more accessible, diverse, inclusive and equitable.

@Airi_it @AITtomorrow2day @CEAParisSaclay @ALLEA_academies @TRIResearch_ @tudelft @UTwente @DMU_CSI @sheffielduni @Ecsite Thanks to all partners for the fruitful discussions! #ComingSoon:
*⃣ policy briefs with our key insights
*⃣ our #seriousgame on #EmergingTech
*⃣ practical ethical guidelines & tools
& more

Stay tuned! ▶️ http://www.techethos.eu

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