2nd Ukraine Conference Report Published

In March 2023, ALLEA and the ISC hosted a second conference on the Ukraine crisis, resulting in the publication of a report that affirms previous recommendations and explores ways for the international science community to support initiatives during crises.

How can the average person in the #EU eat healthier/sustainable diets?

Hint: It's not simply a matter of individual choice.

Check out what experts advise on making food consumption more #sustainable 👇

⚠️ The new episode of #ReImagineTalks is OUT! ⚠️

The fourth episode counts with Jeroen van den Hoven (@hoven_j), Professor at @tudelft, to help us understand how we can reimagine #Ethics in the 21st century.

Listen here: https://re-imagine.eu/podcasts/4-reimagine-ethics-with-jeroen-van-den-hoven

What is key to high-quality science advice?

The multi-faceted answers to this important question will be debated at the @EUScienceAdvice webinar, moderated by Tuula Teeri, Chair of Euro-CASE.

📆 21 September, Wednesday
🕐 10:00 - 12:00 (CET)



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