Reforming Research Assessment Key to Greater Gender Equity in Academia?

On International Women’s Day, ALLEA Digital Salon shares this interview with Lara Keuck, ALLEA’s youngest Board Member and Professor of the History and Philosophy of Medicine at Bielefeld University.

Professor Lara Keuck, ALLEA Board Member and Professor of History & Philosophy of Medicine at Bielefeld University

Prof Keuck discussed her thoughts on academia’s culture of “publish or perish”, the need to reform research assessment to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in science, and how academic and research-performing organisations can support women and improve gender parity.

“We need to create positive research environments that are healthy, supportive and nurturing so researchers can flourish. Much of this work to create these environments is invisible labour. And often women are expected to create these positive research environments, for example, to remember colleagues’ birthdays. This is a lot of work – it is important work – and it should be acknowledged.”

We invite you to watch the interview, which is part of the ALLEA Digital Salon Women in Science Series. You can also read more about Prof Keuck’s work here and here.