CoARA Boost is a Horizon Europe-funded project designed to bring research assessment beyond its current simplistic reliance on journal-based quantitative indicators and quantity over quality. The project seeks to undertake comprehensive reform aligned with the principles and commitments set forth by the European Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA).  

ALLEA’s involvement in the project directly links to its broader interest and activities on rethinking research assessment (see here). ALLEA has been actively involved in the drafting of this European agreement on reforming research assessment, and was one of the early signatories and members of the coalition.

ALLEA Contact 

Dr Mathijs Vleugel
Scientific Policy Officer


The key objectives of the CoARA Boost project are:

  • to strengthen CoARA’s operational capacity,
  • to catalyse knowledge development, policy evolution, and institutional change in research assessment,
  • to facilitate the collection and exchange of information,
  • and to widen the coalition’s membership.

The project is led by the European Science Foundation (ESF), and includes, alongside ALLEA, leading European network organisations for (early career) researchers, research funders, and universities committed to promoting change.

ALLEA takes the lead in broadening CoARA’s outreach and increasing its membership. This involves strengthening the coalition’s presence in under-represented European regions and countries, as well as expanding the global reach of CoARA’s membership. In addition, ALLEA will support several CoARA Working Groups that aim to advance specific parts of the coalition’s objectives.

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CoARA Boost has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 101131826.