ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, reacts with shock and deep regret to the military attacks by the Russian Government against Ukraine. You can read the full statement by the ALLEA Presidency in support of Ukraine, its citizens and academic institutions here. The ALLEA Board released a second statement announcing the suspension of membership of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The European scientific community is mobilising fast to support Ukrainan students and researchers who have been forced to flee their country due to the Russian Government’s millitary invasion. The platform #ScienceForUkraine is centralising information on support provided by the global research community to Ukraine researchers and students.

In addition to this initiative, the list below is a compilation of resources made available by ALLEA Member Academies and other academic institutions for Ukrainian scholars at risk. If you wish to submit additional entries to this list, please send all relevant information to This list is regularly updated.

European Fund for Displaced Scientists

An ALLEA-Breakthrough Prize Foundation Initiative

On 31 March 2022, ALLEA launched a new programme to support scientists impacted by the war. The initiative is funded thanks to the Breakthrough Prize Foundation donation of $1.5 Million. The scheme will provide funding to academic institutions across Europe who can host displaced scholars from the war in Ukraine.


Funds and opportunities from ALLEA Members

Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)

The Austrian Academy of Sciences has taken an emergency measure to enable scientists from Ukraine to continue their research work in Austria. As part of the its mobility program “Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities”, the ÖAW is financing and organising at least 25 additional research stays for Ukrainian researchers at Austrian institutions. Learn more

British Academy

The British Academy, the other UK national academies and the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) have launched a £3.5 million fellowhip programme aimed at researchers at risk focused initially on Ukraine. Learn more

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

The BAS has made its hotel in Sofia and its holiday base in Varna available to accommodate Ukrainian scientists and their families. Learn more

Czech Academy of Sciences

The Czech Academy of Sciences offers support in the form of fellowships, employment and other types of aid to university students, postdoctoral researchers and scientists working in Ukraine. Learn more

Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences launched a support program to ensure the safety of displaced scientists and their families. In addition to using the Academy’s own resources, it is also organising charities to support the program. Learn more

Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities is offering to fund up to ten Emergency Fellowships for Ukrainian Researchers throughout the year, to allow them the opportunity to continue their scientific work in Israel. The fellowship program is open to candidates from all academic disciplines. Learn more

Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS)

Within the framework of cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), the Polish Academy of Sciences introduced a new tool supporting cooperation with Ukrainian researchers. Expenses related to travel and stay of the Ukrainian scientists in the units of the PAS will be covered by the Academy. Learn more

Royal Academy of Science, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium

The Royal Academy of Belgium has announced the creation of four special awards for scholars or artists from Ukraine, who have been directly affected by the war, or from Russia, who have expressed their opposition to the invasion of Ukraine. The purpose of these awards is to provide scholars and artists with the best conditions to pursue their activities. Each Prize is endowed with €20,000. Learn more

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the availability of scholarships for Ukrainian scientists to perform research in Sweden. Ukrainian citizens can apply for funding to facilitate carrying out their research in Sweden during, or in connection with, the ongoing war. The research shall be conducted at a Swedish university or at one of the research institutes of the Academy. Learn more

Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)

The Slovak Academy of Sciences offers free accommodation capacities in Bratislava, Smolenice and Stará Lesná for newly arriving Ukrainian colleagues, as well as for their family members. It will also provide free accommodation capacities for family members of current employees and doctoral students. The Academy will also provide financial support for doctoral students and young researchers to be able to continue their studies and research in Slovakia. Learn more

Funds and opportunities from other academic institutions

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

In view of the situation in Ukraine, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is extending the deadline for nominations of Ukrainian scholars until 18 March 2022 in the current call for nominations of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative. Learn more

Australian Academy of Science & Breakthrough Prize Foundation

The Australian Academy of Science has partnered with the Breakthrough Prize Foundation to deliver a program to support Ukrainian researchers in eligible fields of science who have been impacted by the war with Russia. The donation is being used to establish two different activities, each designed to offer practical support to enable the continuation of research and technology activities by Ukrainian scientists. Learn more

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation)

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft offers funding options for academic researchers who have fled their home countries. Learn more

EU Clusters Support Ukraine Forum

The Forum has been created to enhance the ability of European industry to contribute to the delivery of humanitarian aid for Ukraine and to support Ukrainian refugees in Member State countries. In this Forum you can share information, register your offers of assistance, propose collaborations and request assistance in order to facilitate procurement and delivery of urgent humanitarian requirements. Learn more

European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)

EMBO launched a list of life scientists across Europe and beyond offering to host Ukrainian researchers in their labs. Learn more

European Research Council (ERC)

The European Research Council (ERC) has appealed to its grantees to provide temporary employment to refugee researchers and support staff, such as technician and lab managers, from Ukraine. The ERC has contacted all its 5,600 current grantees and is collecting information on possible job opportunities. Learn more

French Academy of Sciences (Académie des sciences)

The French Académie des sciences is establishing a Committee of Scientists for Ukraine (CSU) to welcome, accompany and support the Ukrainian scientific community, as well as the families of scientists, in their exile in France. Learn more

Kiron – Resources for refugees from Ukraine

This platform platform offers free and flexible courses, job success programs and opportunities to meet other learners from around the world. Their services range from free German language courses, to coding bootcamps, and integration courses to learn more about living in Germany. Learn more

Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society is prepared to provide central funds at short notice, and with the least possible amount of bureaucracy, to enable Ukrainian scientists associated with Max Planck Institutes to continue their work with the support of local scholarship programmes. Learn more

PAUSE program

PAUSE program opens a special call for emergency assistance to Ukrainian researchers in danger, through an emergency fund granted by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. An emergency financial aid to finance the stay of a Ukrainian researcher, and his/her family if applicable, for a period of three months is proposed to voluntary French institutions. Learn more


The Science4Refugees initiative and EURAXESS portal provide refugee friendly internships, part-time and full-time jobs, access to an European Research Community, as well as a complete range of information and support services on working and living in Europe. Ukrainian researchers are eligible to benefit from the Science4Refugees initiative without the need of holding the refugee status. Learn more


SciLifeLab launched a call to support Ukrainian scientists going to Sweden. The call is intended for guest scientists of Ukrainian nationality to join laboratories in Sweden in the fields of life science, biomedical research and biocomputing. Learn more

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

In collaboration with Scholars at Risk Switzerland, the The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is financing researchers from Ukraine who can be hosted at a Swiss university. Learn more

University of Milano-Bicocca

The University of Milano-Bicocca will provide 10 fellowship grants for visiting professors and visiting researchers coming from Ukraine. Positions have a duration of three months, and are open to professors and/or researchers currently working for Ukrainian Universities or Research Centres. Deadline for online applications is 8th June 2022. Learn more


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Statement by Members of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Appealing to Russian Scientists

Statement of the Young Scientists Council of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to the Scientific Community


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Appeal for assistance for researchers in Ukraine (PAS)


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