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Many great scientific projects start with one talk between two people. People take a break, the coffee is warm, and one idea pops up. The art of conversation helps wondering, sparks constructive questions, creates connections, reinforces trust. In today’s accelerated times, a pause to breathe, talk, and listen seems critical. The ALLEA Digital Salon opens a space for this. It explores science one conversation at a time. We invite experts, members, and friends to bring their fresh ideas in an open dialogue for debate. Original interviews, analyses, and commentary will look into the areas of our work: Research Policy, Science Advice, and Science & Society. Welcome and join the conversation!

Diverging Narratives of Democracy in Europe

“If you have a kind of conception of democracy based on a national popular sovereignty, then you do not necessarily see populism as a problem”, argues Peter J. Verovšek in a conversation with us on the diverging narratives of democracy across Europe.

History and Future of Knowledge – Interview With ALLEA President

How is the nature of knowledge changing? What is the impact of the digital revolution on the roles of universities, academies and science advisors? Is democratisation of knowledge always a good thing? Professor Antonio Loprieno, ALLEA president, discusses these questions with Toby Wardman of SAPEA.

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What lasting effect will the pandemic have on the relationship btw Science & Politics?

Join us to hear responses to this from Antonio Loprieno, @bellastarling @jmbujnicki & Ortwin Renn.


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