Webinar: The Keys to High-Quality Science Advice

SAPEA brings together experts in science advice for an engaging reflection with the audience on finding the keys to high-quality science advice and how to achieve it.

ALLEA Board Meeting

The ALLEA Board will hold a strategy meeting on 9-10 October 2023. It will take place at the premises of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.

Science for Policy in Europe Conference

In the current "polycrises" landscape, where facts are uncertain, values vary, and decisions are urgent, a simple statement of scientific evidence is not enough to inform policymaking.

ALLEA Working Group on the ERA Meeting

The ALLEA Working Group on the ERA is scheduled to meet on 13 October 2023. This is a closed meeting.

First Annual Meeting of Academy Communications Professionals

SAPEA and ALLEA are jointly organising a 2-day workshop for communications professionals working at academies across Europe.

TechEthos Policy Event: Ethics for the Green and Digital Transition

On 14 November, TechEthos will hold an in-person policy event in Brussels, Belgium, co-hosted by Barbara Thaler, Member of the European Parliament & STOA Panel.

TechEthos Consortium Meeting

The next TechEthos Consortium Meeting will take place on 15 November 2023 in Brussels. This is a closed meeting.

ALLEA Permanent Working Group Intellectual Property Rights Meeting

The ALLEA Permanent Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights is scheduled to meet on 24 November 2023. This is a closed meeting.
ALLEA-GYA-STM Peer review