We Need a New European Institute for AI in Science, Academies Advise European Commission

A group of renowned scientists, nominated by academies through the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism, have advised Commissioners on the use of AI in science. The advice comes in response to a request to guide and support the overall European Commission’s strategy for AI in research and innovation. These recommendations were handed over to Commissioners Ivanova and EVC Vestager, today in Brussels.

ALLEA Permanent Working Group on Science & Ethics Meets in Brussels to Discuss Emerging Topics in Research Ethics

On 2 and 3 April 2024, the ALLEA Permanent Working Group on Science & Ethics (PWGSE) met in Brussels to reflect on the experiences and impact of recent activities, discuss emerging topics in research ethics and research integrity, and scope future activities. 

Embracing Digital Innovation — Perspectives on Advancing Humanities Scholarship

With Dr. Maciej Maryl, founding Director of the Digital Humanities Centre and chair of the ALLEA Working Group E-Humanities, we delve into the significance of incorporating digital practices into humanities scholarship, acknowledging innovative research methods, and exploring strategies to navigate the challenges within this dynamic field.

Paving the Way to a Scientifically Literate Society Must Begin in Primary School

ALLEA releases new statement advocating for strengthening the scope and role of science education curricula, at the primary and post-primary level, to equip young learners with the requisite knowledge, skills, and values to become informed, critical, responsible, and ethically conscious participants in a scientifically literate society. 

ALLEA Working Group on the ERA Meets to Discuss International Research Collaboration

The ALLEA Working Group on the European Research Area (ERA) met online on 12 March 2024 to address key developments and strategies for the advancement of European research collaboration and funding.

Intellectual Property and New Genomic Techniques: Webinar Highlights

Exploring the intricate domain of Intellectual Property (IP) regulations and their impact on crop breeding in Europe, the webinar ‘Impact of the IP System on New Genomic Techniques’ ignited engaging discussions among participants on 6 March 2024.

ALLEA Holds Workshop to Depolarise the Debate on Sustainable Agriculture

On 31 January, ALLEA and Re-Imagine Europa (RIE), its partner in the Task Force on Sustainable Food Systems and Innovation, jointly organised an invite-only workshop to discuss the increasingly polarised nature of the current debates on need for, and transition to, sustainable food systems in Europe.  

2024 General Assembly in Berlin: Registration Is Now Open

ALLEA is delighted to announce that registrations are now open for its upcoming general assembly, set to convene in Berlin, Germany, on 22–23 May 2024. This event, celebrating ALLEA's 30th anniversary, promises a dynamic platform for intellectual exchange and collaborative engagement.

ALLEA Releases Statement Addressing IP Challenges for Developing Crops Using New Genomic Techniques

Today, ALLEA released a statement addressing concerns surrounding the impact of the current intellectual property (IP) system on the adoption and development of New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) for crop breeding.

ALLEA Welcomes Launch of European Research Area Policy Platform

The European Commission recently launched the ERA Policy Platform, a hub for stakeholders to collaborate in advancing the goals of the European Research Area, aiming for a unified research, innovation, and technology market across Europe.

Nominations Open for 2025 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, Life Science and Mathematics

In collaboration with ALLEA, the Breakthrough Prize is releasing the call for nominations for the 2025 awards in fundamental physics, life sciences, and mathematics.

ALLEA Announces Date and Theme for 2024 General Assembly in Berlin

ALLEA is delighted to announce its forthcoming 2024 General Assembly, scheduled to convene in Berlin on 22–23 May 2024, celebrating the organisation's 30th anniversary and co-hosted by its German member academies.

ALLEA Ceases Activities on X/Twitter

After careful consideration, ALLEA has decided to cease communication activities on X, formerly known as Twitter, starting from January 2024. ALLEA's commitment to academic freedom and science as a global public good is at the core of its activities, and X’s current policies don’t align with its mission.

ALLEA Outlines Its Vision for the Future of European Research and Innovation

Today, ALLEA published a statement on the guiding principles for the forthcoming 10th European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP10), outlining a transformative vision for European Research and Innovation (R&I).

New ALLEA Report Highlights the Evolution of Digital Practices in the Humanities

In an era marked by rapid advancements in technology and an increasing emphasis on Open and digital outputs, the humanities have seen a significant transformation in their scholarly practices. To address, evaluate and recognise these changes, the report ‘Recognising Digital Scholarly Outputs in the Humanities’ sheds light on the evolving landscape of digital humanities scholarship.