ALLEA Working Group on the ERA Meets to Discuss International Research Collaboration

Semi-annual meeting of ALLEA Working Group on the ERA


The ALLEA Working Group on the European Research Area (ERA) met online on 12 March 2024 to address key developments and strategies for the advancement of European research collaboration and funding.

The meeting, attended by representatives from 17 ALLEA Member Academies, featured discussions on critical issues, such as the upcoming EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation (FP10), the challenges for international research collaboration, and research (in)security in the context of rising geopolitical tensions.

ERA Forum for Transition

Following a warm welcome by the working group chair, Professor Arben Merkoçi from the Academy of Sciences of Albania, the meeting began with a comprehensive update on recent developments within the ERA Forum for Transition, an expert group in which ALLEA represents the European Academies of Sciences and Humanities. Deliberations included progress updates on the ERA Policy Agenda 2025-27 and guidelines for the responsible use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in research. Additionally, the introduction of the new ERA Policy Platform sparked interest among participants and was welcomed as an important instrument for enhancing collaboration and coordination within the European research community.

Framework Programme 10 (FP10)

Discussions surrounding FP10 highlighted the impact of the recently published ‘ALLEA Statement on the Guiding Principles for FP10′. The lack of sufficient funding for basic and excellent research and the ongoing controversy surrounding ‘widening’ participation in the EU sparked a spirited dialogue among the working group members on how to encourage more inclusive research practices and equitable participation across European regions.

Research collaboration versus research security?

In the context of rising geopolitical tensions around the world, the working group discussed how European research is being adversely affected by malicious interference, and how open research collaboration is being misused in ways that impact Europe’s security, as well as its ethical principles and social norms, such as research integrity, academic freedom, and institutional autonomy. A recent Proposal by the European Commission for a Council Recommendation on Research Security and consultations on a White Paper aimed at enhancing support for research and development involving technologies with dual-use potential were also discussed.

The ALLEA General Assembly 2024, celebrating 30 years of ALLEA, will feature an open forum for ALLEA Member Academies, as well as a Public Symposium, titled, ‘European Research Collaboration in a Shifting Geopolitical Landscape’, to further discuss these topics, which are integral to the future of European research and innovation. Register now!