ALLEA is the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, representing more than 50 academies from over 40 countries in Europe. Since its foundation in 1994, ALLEA represents its Member Academies on the European stage and seeks to promote science as a global public good.

Our activities aim at shaping the conditions for science and research, providing the best science advice available for citizens and policymakers, and strengthening the role of science in society. In the spirit of true collaboration and cooperation, ALLEA offers a platform for European academies to work together on topics of mutual interest and for the betterment of the inhabitants of Europe. Solving challenges in an ever more complex world requires comprehensive interdisciplinary and international cooperation from beginning to end.

Values and Vision

At the heart of our work lies a strong connection to the cultural, scientific and humanist tradition of the European Enlightenment, which spearheaded concepts of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law and human rights.

In harmony with these values, ALLEA seeks to contribute to borderless and universal science and our vision transcends national and disciplinary boundaries.

Independent from political, religious or commercial interests, ALLEA strives to promote and protect excellence in scientific research, while simultaneously safeguarding high ethical standards and the academic freedom of everyone involved in the scientific process.


ALLEA’s mission revolves around three focal areas:

  • Serving European academies and strengthening the role of science in society
  • Providing a trusted source of knowledge for policymakers and the general public
  • Shaping the framework conditions for science and research in Europe