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Carefully designed research assessment practices are key to making fair decisions on the quality and potential impact of funding applications and informed decisions on hiring and promotion of individual researchers. Current approaches tend to rely heavily on journal-based metrics, such as Journal Impact Factor (JIF), Article Influence Score (AIS) and h-index. This development has fuelled an unhealthy ‘publish or perish’ culture and has demonstrable negative effects on the quality of scholarly outputs, the diversity of our research communities, and the trustworthiness of our research system.

ALLEA therefore strongly supports the transition to research assessment practices that are based on qualitative peer review, supported by the responsible use of quantitative indicators when appropriate. In addition, it will be vital to further stimulate the development and exchange new criteria, procedures, and tools for recognising and rewarding scientific excellence based on principles of quality, integrity, diversity, and openness.

ALLEA approaches the topic via various Working Groups and Task Forces, including the Permanent Working Group on Science and Ethics, the Working Group on the ERA, and the Open Science Task Force, as well as through collaborations with partners such as the GYA (Global Young Academy). Together, the resulting publications, activities, and events (see below) seek to impact on ongoing EU policy debates directly and support the broader research community with reforming their assessment practices.

Academies themselves are no exception when it comes to the need to revisit how we recognise scientific excellence and promote the highest standards of research ethics and integrity. To support our members with developing or renewing their procedures and criteria for admitting new Academy fellows, ALLEA is facilitating the exchange of best practices that take into consideration national regulations, disciplinary profiles, context and culture (see this announcement from October 2022).

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Dr Mathijs Vleugel
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Related Activities

Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment

Based on 10 high-level commitments, the ‘Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment’ establishes a common direction for research assessment reform. ALLEA contributed to the drafting of the Agreement and is a member of the global Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA).

The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for research assessment, and the emphasis on researchers taking responsibility for developing criteria and procedures in their communities aligns well with the core concept of self-regulation set out in the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

The Future of
Peer Review

Peer review is an essential pillar of research assessment. Together with the GYA (the Global Young Academy), and STM (the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers), ALLEA has been exploring challenges and possible ways forward as part of a workshop series on ‘The Future of Peer Review in Scholarly Communications’ and a follow-up webinar on ‘Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) in Scholarly Peer Review’.

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ALLEA-GYA-STM Peer review

The Future of Peer Review

Related News

Call for Contributions: Open Consultation on Innovative Outputs in the Humanities

The ALLEA Working Group E-Humanities has launched an open consultation concerning draft recommendations on recognising digital scholarly outputs in the humanities.

Reflections on the ALLEA-GYA-STM webinar on “Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility in Scholarly Peer Review”

On 17 November, ALLEA, the Global Young Academy and STM convened a moderated panel discussion about “Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) in Scholarly Peer Review". The full recording, as well as a short event report, are now available online. 

Reforming Research Assessment: ALLEA Announces Further Support to Its Academies

ALLEA signed today the European Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment and announced in a new statement to further support its Member Academies with developing assessment criteria.

Building an ERA that Fosters Freedom and Excellence

In a new statement, ALLEA sets priorities for building a new European Research Area (ERA) and for implementing the Policy Action Points developed in the ERA Transition Forum.

European Science Organisations Reach Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment

Following a six-month co-creational process involving more than 350 European organisations from over 40 countries, an Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment has been reached and made public today. ALLEA has contributed to the Agreement as part of a core group of 20 research organisations that supported the drafting team throughout the process.

ALLEA Welcomes Council Conclusions on Research Assessment and Open Science

ALLEA welcomes the adoption of the Conclusions on Research Assessment and Implementation of Open Science by the Council of the European Union on 10 June. At the same time, ALLEA continues to stress that it matters how we open knowledge, as the push for Open Access publishing has also paved the way for various unethical publishing practices.

Transforming Science: Pathways Towards Sustainability and Trustworthiness

The ALLEA symposium ‘Transforming Science: Pathways Towards Sustainability and Trustworthiness’ brought together leading scientists, policymakers and research managers in Brussels to discuss the transformations the scientific system must address to be ready for future crisis after the Covid-19 pandemic.

ALLEA Joins the European Commission Coalition on Research Assessment Reform

ALLEA has joined the European Commission’s core group working on reforming research assessment. The group will support the drafting of an agreement led by the European University Association, Science Europe and the European Commission on key issues and timelines for implementing changes.

ALLEA-GYA Event Report on Research Assessment Published

ALLEA and the Global Young Academy (GYA) have published a report covering the key takeaways of their webinar ‘Research Assessments that Promote Scholarly Progress and Reinforce the Contract with Society’. The event brought together science and policy stakeholders to rethink current research assessment models.

Shaping the Future of Peer Review

ALLEA, the Global Young Academy (GYA), and STM (International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers) published today the summary of a series of cross-sectoral workshops on the future of peer review in an open, digital world.

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