The Future of Peer Review

Two cross-sectoral expert roundtables  co-organised by ALLEA, GYA, and STM – will discuss the future of peer review in an open, digital world and will explore which models can best serve and reward the research community in both an enhanced and sustainable way.

While there is universal agreement that peer review is an essential element of the communication and documentation processes that ensure the quality and trustworthiness of modern research and scholarship, the rapid development of new digital modes of publication, and the wider range of research outputs envisaged in modern concepts of Open Science, pose challenges for the traditional models of peer review. 

Brought together by ALLEA, GYA, and STM, cross-sector experts from across the world, covering various areas of expertise and representing different cultural and disciplinary traditions of peer review will convene virtually on 3 and 9 November 2020 for moderated roundtable discussions on the future of peer review in the context of ensuring quality and trustworthiness of scholarly communication. 

The cross-sectoral discussions will address these and other key issues with particular focus on maintaining quality in peer review and the evolution of peer review in an Open Science environment. 


3  & 9 November 2020


Invitation-only virtual expert meetings