SAPEA Workshops Highlight Academy Interactions for Better Policy Advice

On 23 May 2024, SAPEA organised two engaging workshops in Berlin aiming to address key aspects of scientific collaboration among European academies and to promote the involvement of early and mid-career researchers in science advice. This event brought together 90 representatives from various European academies and was included as part of the ALLEA General Assembly.

The morning session, organised by ALLEA on behalf of SAPEA, focused on ‘Cooperation between Academies for Science Advice’. The participatory format offered plenty of opportunities for reflection, exchange and consensus. Participants engaged in dynamic discussions, starting with speed discussions to share good practices and examples of successful collaborations in science advice.

The afternoon workshop was organised by YASAS on behalf of SAPEA and it underscored the importance of diversity and inclusion in the science advice process, reflecting SAPEA’s commitment to integrating voices from all career stages. Participants engaged in a simulation game to experience the complexities of SAPEA’s processes, from recruiting experts to finalising evidence review reports. This interactive approach revealed key challenges and opportunities for involving early and mid-career researchers, such as improving the nomination process, enhancing onboarding practices, providing better incentives and supporting networks.

These workshops are part of a series of events to promote the exchange of good practices of academies on different aspects of science advice. The outcomes of these workshops will be published in autumn 2024. ALLEA and its SAPEA partners will build on all these insights to strengthen their engagement with their member academies.

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