Future of Science Communication Conference: Moving Forward Research & Practice

How can we connect research and practice in the science communication field? What are the lessons learned on the relationship between science and politics after the Covid-19 pandemic? Over 1000 participants joined two days of digital discussions and workshops to tackle these questions and more at the Future of Science Communication Conference.

ALLEA President Takes over as Chair of SAPEA

ALLEA President Antonio Loprieno became the new chair of the SAPEA Board. SAPEA is part of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism and brings together outstanding expertise in engineering, humanities, medicine, natural and social sciences from over 100 academies, young academies and learned societies across Europe.

Discussing Academic Freedom with the President of Ireland and Noam Chomsky

ALLEA and Scholars at Risk organised the international virtual conference ‘Academic Freedom and Intellectual Dissent’ with US linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky and the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins as star speakers. The event focussed on the importance of intellectual dissent and academic freedom to democratic societies in a Western, particularly European, context.

‘Across Boundaries in Sciences’: Watch the Symposium’s Recordings

The recordings of the scientific symposium 'Across Boundaries in Sciences' are now available to watch. This event was held on 5 May 2021 and featured a wide range of international perspectives from research, politics, and civil society, speakers.

Registration for the Future of Science Communication Conference is open

Together with Wissenschaft im Dialog, we are happy to announce that registration for the Future of Science Communications Conference is now open! The event will take place online on 24 and 25 June 2021. The conference is free to attend and will offer interesting keynotes, panels, workshops and lightning talks featuring researchers and practitioners from various European and international institutions.

European Academies Re-Elect Antonio Loprieno as ALLEA President

ALLEA Member Academies unanimously re-elected Professor Antonio Loprieno as President for the term 2021–2023. Board Members Professor Annette Grüters-Kieslich and Professor Luke Drury were appointed as ALLEA Vice-Presidents. The election and appointments were part of the 2021 General Assembly.

Scientific Symposium Discusses Collaboration ‘Across Boundaries in Sciences’

ALLEA and the Council of Finnish Academies hosted an international scientific symposium online on 5 May 2021. The event gathered leading academics, policymakers, and civil society to rethink the role of science in society in response to complex problems and urgent threats like science disinformation.

European Coordination Needed to Fight Science Disinformation, Academies Say

While disinformation strategies are intoxicating public discourses in many fields, science disinformation is particularly dangerous to democratic governance and society at large. In a new report, ALLEA examines the potential of technical and policy measures to tackle science disinformation and calls for improved European exchange and coordination in this field.

Sharing Matters: Why International Data Transfer is Crucial For Health Research

Dr. Robin Fears, one of the lead authors of report “International sharing of personal health data for research”, answers questions about the importance of science advice, the key messages of the joint report, and its implications for international medical research and European citizens.

How to Integrate Ethics into the Design of Disruptive Technologies

TechEthos is an EU-funded project that seeks to create ethics guidelines to deal with new and emerging technologies with a high socio-economic impact. Eva Buchinger (Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT) is the lead coordinator of the project. In this interview, she presents the key concepts and milestones to be tackled by TechEthos, which started in January 2021 and will run until the end of 2023. 

Registration Open for Symposium ‘Across Boundaries in Sciences’

On the occasion of the 2021 ALLEA General Assembly, ALLEA and the Council of Finnish Academies are organising the scientific symposium ‘Across Boundaries in Sciences’ on 5 May. The online event is open to all upon registration and will consist of a full-day of thought-provoking discussions on today's science boundaries with leading academics, policymakers, and civil society.
International Health Data Transfer, publication

European Academy Networks Call for Urgent Solution to Health Data Transfer Barriers

In the report “International sharing of personal health data for research”, ALLEA, EASAC, and FEAM call on EU policymakers and legislators for a commitment to overcome the barriers in sharing pseudonymised health data with researchers outside the EU/EEA.

New Project to Explore Climate Sustainability in the Academic System

ALLEA, together with its member the German Young Academy (Die Junge Akademie), is starting a new project on the climate sustainability of science. The initiative will review the existing knowledge, experiences and data regarding how academia can support the mitigation of greenhouse gases with changes of its working modes, for instance on academic travel-culture.

Watch Recording: Expert Workshop on Current Challenges for ILSA

Last January, the ALLEA Science Education Working Group organised an expert workshop on current challenges for international large-scale studies of achievement (ILSA). The meeting addressed the role of ILSAs as well as current and emerging challenges related to these studies. Watch the recording.

PERITIA Public Lectures: [Un]Truths, Trust in an Age of Disinformation

PERITIA – Policy, Expertise and Trust – is launching a series of public lectures from 6 April to 1 June 2021. Around the topic of '[Un]Truths: Trust in an Age of Disinformation', these five meetings will explore the concept of trust and truth.