ALLEA Welcomes Launch of European Research Area Policy Platform

Last week marked a significant step towards a more integrated European Research Area (ERA) with the official launch of the ERA Policy Platform by the European Commission.

This ‘one-stop-shop’ serves as a gateway to comprehensive information on current ERA policies, activities, and achievements. It reflects the joint ambition of EU Member States, the European Commission, associated countries, and Research and Innovation (R&I) stakeholders such as ALLEA for a unified, borderless market for research, innovation, and technology across Europe.

Following this goal enshrined in Article 179 of the Lisbon Treaty, the ERA Policy Platform is an integral part of the new ERA governance framework and the Pact for R&I in Europe. Its multifaceted role includes providing up-to-date information on the implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda, showcasing EU-wide activities contributing to ERA progress, and serving as a repository for key ERA-related documents.

As such, the ERA Policy Platform serves as a central space for communication among various stakeholders interested in advancing ERA objectives. EU Member States, countries associated with Horizon Europe, and R&I stakeholder organisations can actively contribute to the platform, fostering collaboration and supporting the ERA monitoring system by sharing relevant information, data, or documents at both national and EU levels. The platform also serves as a source of information for interested citizens, in line with the goal of fostering inclusivity through a borderless market that benefits individuals across Europe.

ALLEA is pleased to contribute valuable insights from the European academies to the platform through the active involvement of its working group on the ERA in the ERA forum. As an umbrella organisation of academies from across Europe, ALLEA’s involvement reflects the collaborative spirit of the ERA’s ambitious objectives.

For more information on the ERA Policy Platform and to explore its features, please visit the European Research Area Platform website: