Presenting PERITIA’s European Student Competition on Youth on Trust

In collaboration with the Irish Young Philosophers Awards, the EU-funded project PERITIA is organising a special Youth on Trust Awards for 2022. The competition invites students from across Europe to share their views in a forum where their voices can be heard on the topic of trust in our social and political life.

Students, from 13 to 18 years old, are asked to create a project in response to a question or issue they think is most important in relation to the topic of trust in public life. The project can be in the format of an essay, podcast, film, blog post, short story or dialogue. Watch youtuber and climate scientist Adam Levy explain the competition.

There will be three prize categories for students in the following age groups: 13-14 / 15-16 / 17-18. Entries from any of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe are accepted. The winning entries will be published and awarded a trip to the heart of the European Union in Brussels.

Here are some examples of questions related to the topic of public trust for you to consider:

– What is trust?
– Can we trust social media? Why or why not?
– How important is trust for social life?
– Is trust important for democratic societies?
– What does it mean to trust scientific experts?

How to Participate in the Youth on Trust Awards?

The Youth on Trust Awards is a topic-specific award on the theme of public trust. All second level students between the ages of 13-18 who are resident in Europe are eligible to apply. Entries will be accepted in the following languages: Armenian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish. Students can only submit individual entries and only one entry each.

The call is open until 1 March 2022. You can find full details about the competition on our website. For full details, go to the Youth on Trust Awards Website.

Become a patron

As part of the PERITIA consortium, ALLEA is collaborating with European academies and other institutions to organise this pan-European competition across the Council of Europe. If you are an academy or another organisation interested in bringing this competition to your country, contact