Morning Session

  • Opening and Welcome
    Anton Zeilinger, Austrian Academy of Sciences
    Heinz Fischer, President of the Federal Republic of Austria
    Günter Stock, President of ALLEA


  • Keynote Lecture: Interplay of Freedom of Scientific Research and Political Demands
    Sir Peter Knight, Imperial College London
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  • Symposium Lecture: Freedom of Science and Academic Education
    Julian Nida-Rümelin, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Symposium Lecture: Freedom of Scientific Research from a Legal Point of View
    Irmgard Griss, former President of the Austrian Supreme Court of Justice
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  • Symposium Lecture: Integrity and Responsibility of the Researchers: Ethical Views
    Michèle Leduc, École Normale Supérieure, Paris
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Afternoon Session

  • Keynote Lecture: Perspectives of the ERC
    Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President, European Research Council
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  • Symposium Lecture: Political Influence, Societal Demands, and the Expectation of Economic Returns: Threats of Possibilities for Research
    László Lovász, President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
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  • Symposium Lectures: Under Pressure! Investigating Academic Freedom
    Stefan Hornbostel, German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies
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  • Symposium Lecture: Advancing Quality Standards in Changing Contexts: The Case Example of German-speaking Humanities and Social Sciences
    Andre Gingrich, University of Vienna
  • Symposium Lecture: Openness is a Scientifically and Societally Relevant Part of a Published Article’s Quality Jan Velterop, Academic Publisher

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  • Debate: Early Career Researcher in Austria and Europe: Freedom is just another word for…