ALLEA Board Holds 2-day Meeting in Berlin

The ALLEA Board held a 2-day meeting in Berlin for their first in-person meeting of the year, following the confirmation of the new board last May.

The ALLEA Board meeting took place on 6-7 October at the ALLEA Secretariat offices in Berlin. It was their first in-person meeting following the (re)appointment of the Board Members earlier this year and the confirmation of the new board during the ALLEA General Assembly last May at the Academy Palace in Brussels.

The ALLEA Board and staff held a joint meeting on day 2 of the ALLEA Board Meeting in Berlin.

The first day of the meeting took place at the premises of the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, the seat of the ALLEA Secretariat. On this ocassion, the Board discussed and made decisions on strategic organisational issues relevant for the future of ALLEA. On the second day, the Board held a joint meeting with the members of the secretariat, where they received an update on the most recent activities of ALLEA, including among others, the European Fund for Displaced Scientists and additional activities in support of Ukraine, EU-funded projects SAPEA and PERITIA, ALLEA’s activities on Climate Sustainability in Academia, and the upcoming update of ALLEA’s European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

The Board also briefly discussed the organisation of ALLEA’s next General Assembly, which is scheduled to take place in London, and will be co-hosted by ALLEA’s UK members in June 2023.

The next ALLEA Board Meeting is set to take place virtually in December 2022.