Science with Society: The SCISO Project

What measures can scientists take to make their work more trustworthy? What tools are available to increase and improve the dialogue between science and society? These are the questions that the Global Young Academy's SCISO Project seeks to answer. In this interview, Professor Lisa Herzog explains the vision and mission of the SCISO Project.

ALLEA Open Science Task Force to Be Represented in Upcoming Events

ALLEA’s Open Science Task Force has been invited to participate in several upcoming events to present their latest work and vision on Open Science practises. The task force will be represented by its chair and ALLEA Vice President, Professor Luke Drury.

Patent System Needs Adjustment to Harmonize with Open Science Objectives, European Academies say

A new ALLEA statement examines the current patent system in the context of the ideals and objectives of open science and recommends, among others, the introduction of grace periods in patent applications to make knowledge open as early as possible.

ALLEA Working Group European Research Area meets in Stockholm

The ALLEA Working Group European Research Area (ERA) met on 6 April in Stockholm for its first in-person meeting. Representatives of European Academies gathered at the premises of the Royal Swedish Academy as well as remotely to discuss the most pressing issues facing research policy in the European Union.

“We Have to Be Ready to Support Ukrainian Researchers as Long as Necessary”

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine shocked the world, the international scientific community has mobilised fast to provide displaced scholars with immediate assistance. Professor Paweł Rowiński, Vice President of the Polish Academy of Sciences and member of the ALLEA Board, shares the current experience of the Polish Academy in providing support to Ukrainian scientists.

Breakthrough Prize Foundation Partners with ALLEA To Support Scientists Forced to Leave Ukraine

The Breakthrough Prize Foundation announced that it is extending its existing partnership with ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, with a donation of funds to support scientists and scientific institutions impacted by the war in Ukraine.

ALLEA Joins InsSciDE Conference on Science Diplomacy

ALLEA has been invited to join this year's InsSciDE’s conference, held on 22-24 March at the premises of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences. InsSciDE’s third open conference focused on the Global South and explored crucial themes in Europe’s relationships to the many emergent poles of scientific expertise and influence.

“Science Communication Is How Society Talks About Science”

The increasing amount and spreading capacity of online disinformation coupled with the ongoing global pandemic have made the need to improve the way we communicate science painfully clear. Seeking to dissect the importance of increasing and improving communication channels between science and society, we interviewed Professor Massimiano Bucchi, one of the leading European scholars on the science of science communication.

Czech Translation of ‘Fact or Fake? Tackling Science Disinformation’ is Now Available

In March 2022, ALLEA published the Czech translation of its Discussion Paper 'Fact or Fake? Tackling Science Disinformation', which was translated in partnership with the Czech Academy of Sciences. The paper describes and discusses the problems and the consequences of science disinformation in three areas of concern, namely climate change, vaccines and pandemics, and what we can do to increase awareness and minimise harm caused by the spread of disinformation.

ALLEA and ENYAs Join Forces at Upcoming Annual Meetings in Brussels

The landscape of European National Young Academies (ENYAs) is rapidly evolving, with new alliances for connecting young scientists and scholars being established and expanded throughout Europe. ALLEA welcomes these developments and acknowledges that combining efforts in shaping the European research ecosystem is crucial for researchers of all generations to flourish.

Statement by the ALLEA Board on the Suspension of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

In light of the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine initiated by the Russian government and supported by the Belarusian government, ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, has decided to suspend the membership of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Statement in Support of Ukraine, its Citizens and Academics

Today, the ALLEA Presidency has released a statement in support of Ukraine, its citizens and academics. The statement is a response to the ongoing military incursion by Russia into the country. ALLEA expresses its deep concern for the safety of our academic colleagues.

Two Generations on Women in Science Day: Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Valerie Domcke

“Because I was a girl, I was not expected to do science. I was expected to learn cookery and needlework”, says Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the woman who discovered radio pulsars and changed the way we look at the universe. She is one of the two interviewees that we brought together on today’s International Day on Women and Girls in Science.

The Race against Time for Smarter Development – A European Perspective

The UNESCO Science Report monitors trends in science governance worldwide to identify which development path countries are following. The latest 758-page UNESCO Science Report “The race against time for smarter development” provides an inventory of global efforts to move towards a digital and sustainable society and explores how countries are using science to realise a digitally and ecologically smart future.

ALLEA Supports the #StickToScience Movement

ALLEA has joined the movement ‘Stick to Science’ calling for open and barrier-free collaboration among Europe’s research and innovation (R&I) actors. The initiative is a response to the delayed progress in the EU research association agreements with Switzerland and the United Kingdom.