Delivering Horizon Europe

ALLEA submitted a statement to the European Commission calling for a strong and well-resourced framework programme guided by principles of excellence, fairness and openness, and making concrete suggestions on their implementation in the current draft of the Commission’s Strategic Plan on Horizon Europe.

To position European research successfully in a competitive global environment we believe it is of vital importance to consider the following points in the finalisation and implementation process of Horizon Europe:

• Focus on funding excellence and ‘blue sky thinking’ through successful instruments like the European Research Council (ERC).

• Continue and intensify support for research mobility through programmes like Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) or ERASMUS.

• Arrange for fair and equal distribution of funds on the different clusters of Pillar 2 in Horizon Europe.

• Follow a broad understanding of innovation which goes beyond technological innovation and hence supports interdisciplinarity, and which recognizes the value of humanities and social sciences in a less technocratic and instrumental way.

• Establish an independent, critical and continuous assessment of ‘Missions’ in Horizon Europe.

• Continue ‘Institutional Partnerships’ from Horizon 2020.

• Ensure the Framework Programme is ‘open to the world’ and allows for broad participation of Associated Countries.

  • Year : 2019