Science in Times of Challenged Trust and Expertise

These conference proceedings, jointly published by the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, ALLEA, and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, present the topics discussed in the symposium “Science in Times of Challenged Trust and Expertise”, held in the context of ALLEA’s 2018 General Assembly in Sofia on 16 May, and makes the contributions available to the interested public.

Organised by the ALLEA Working Group on “Truth, Trust & Expertise”, the symposium tackled some of the most important questions of our time surrounding very fundamental issues on the future role of science in public discourse. Particularly, it discussed how scientists present themselves and convey their ideas in a changing world without being overshadowed by challenges such as the rise of right-wing populism, science denialism, digital transformations, or the financialisation of scientific publishing in an ever more complex world.

  • Year : 2019