Survey on Climate Education Activities in Europe

One key mission of the ALLEA Working Group Science Education is to support educational activities in science at all levels. A timely scientific topic that begs our attention as societies and individuals is climate change. To that end, the working group has embarked on a new research initiative on climate education initiatives in Europe that will ultimately result in an extensive understanding of the climate education campaigns already in place throughout Europe.

The results from a survey will be analysed to pinpoint patterns and gaps as well as to recognise the strengths and areas of improvement within the pedagogical approaches existent in Europe, both in formal and non-formal educational environments. Ultimately the data collected will be utilised to create evidence-based advice for policy-makers and practitioners, so that climate education in Europe may actively progress.

Understandably, to provide an effective and reliable outcome, a wide range of survey participants is desired. Therefore, we strongly encourage all relevant initiatives and projects that focus on at least one of the following issues to kindly respond to the survey:

– Changing patterns of the climate
– Greenhouse effects and impact on the climate
– Global warming
– The science behind climate change
– Climate change mitigation and adaptation
– Impact reduction of climate change

The submission deadline for the survey is 13 September 2019.