ALLEA Becomes Knowledge Partner of Re-Imagine Europa

Re-Imagine Europa (RIE) and ALLEA will work together on areas of common interest, particularly on the topic “Democracy in a Post-Factual Reality”

As a Knowledge Partner, ALLEA will support the efforts of RIE and contribute knowledge and academic resources to RIE’s programmes and projects, with particular focus on the programme looking at “Democracy in a Post-Factual Reality”, which will touch on themes such as evidence-based policy making, citizen engagement processes, the effect of digital transformation of communication processes and trust, changing patterns of participatory processes, etc.

 About Re-Imagine Europa

Set up by former French President Giscard d’Estaing and made up of an inclusive group of individuals, organisations and institutions, Re-Imagine Europa focuses on developing a vision for a more integrated Europe as part of the solution to address 21st century global challenges. RIE plans to work with partners like ALLEA to carry out interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral research, dialogue facilitation and engagement with national and transnational political processes to help reinforce Europe’s role as a global economic power in the 21st century able to safeguard a prosperous future of peace, freedom and social justice for all its citizens. Re-Imagine Europa will have its public launch on the 11th of April.

For more information about Re-Imagine Europa and its activities, visit their website at