Webinar: The Keys to High-Quality Science Advice

SAPEA brings together experts in science advice for an engaging reflection with the audience on finding the keys to high-quality science advice and how to achieve it.

ALLEA Board Meeting

The ALLEA Board will hold a strategy meeting on 9-10 October 2023. It will take place at the premises of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.

Science for Policy in Europe Conference

In the current “polycrises” landscape, where facts are uncertain, values vary, and decisions are urgent, a simple statement of scientific evidence is not enough to inform policymaking.

First Annual Meeting of Academy Communications Professionals

SAPEA and ALLEA are jointly organising a 2-day workshop for communications professionals working at academies across Europe.

TechEthos Policy Event: Ethics for the Green and Digital Transition

On 14 November, TechEthos will hold an in-person policy event in Brussels, Belgium, co-hosted by Barbara Thaler, Member of the European Parliament & STOA Panel.

TechEthos Consortium Meeting

The next TechEthos Consortium Meeting will take place on 15 November 2023 in Brussels. This is a closed meeting.


ALLEA Permanent Working Group Intellectual Property Rights Meeting

The ALLEA Permanent Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights is scheduled to meet on 24 November 2023. This is a closed meeting.

ALLEA General Assembly ‘Crises and the Importance of Research: How Prepared Can We Be?’

‘How Prepared Can We Be?’ explores pressing issues from the fields of science, society, and policy, and provides a platform for international, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral debate.