ALLEA General Assembly ‘Crises and the Importance of Research: How Prepared Can We Be?’

‘How Prepared Can We Be?’ explores pressing issues from the fields of science, society, and policy, and provides a platform for international, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral debate.

TechEthos Consortium Meeting

The next TechEthos Consortium Meeting will take place on 31 May – 1 June in Rome. This is a closed meeting.

PERITIA Final Event at the European Parliament

The PERITIA project will conclude with a final conference in Brussels on 4–5 May 2023, with a focus on ‘Research Insights for European Policymaking‘.

Task Group on IP System for New Genomic Techniques Meeting

The ALLEA task group on creating an IP system for new genomic techniques is scheduled to meet on 26 January 2023. This is a closed meeting.