Going Digital: Creating Change in the Humanities

This report presents the recommendations of the ALLEA E-Humanities Working Group to ensure Europe retains a leading position in the Digital Humanities. The European Academies have an important contribution to make to debates regarding long-term cultural preservation and scholarship in the Digital Humanities. Our forward-looking review of the area leads to the following recommendations:

1. Take a long-term view. Sustaining long-term archives of unique and important cultural artefacts is critical for Europe’s leadership in Digital Humanities. Adopting best practice for infrastructures is essential.

2. Encourage openness. Open Access to data and infrastructures enables enhanced research, research integrity and cost-effectiveness. Open Data needs to be adequately funded.

3. Support your people. Training and career progression are essential to prevent the loss of the critical skills needed to retain our competitiveness in Europe. Data management roles need suitable recognition.

  • Year : 2015
  • ISBN : 978-3-00-049483-3