Workshop: Current Challenges for International Large-Scale Studies of Achievement

Workshop organised by the ALLEA Science Education Working Group in cooperation with the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

Assessment is central to all education systems. While each country primarily needs assessments and evaluations based on their own national priorities, curricula and values, there is also a need for international comparisons. In later years, International Large-Scale Studies of Achievement (ILSA) have contributed significantly to educational research and to the provision of comparable data. Results from ILSAs have increasingly become influential on educational policies as well as public and media debates. However, while ILSAs are continuously being revised and adapted they also face challenges.

ALLEA’s Science Education Working Group will address emergent successes and challenges regarding ILSAs in an online workshop on 21 January 2021. During the forum, international experts will present and discuss the most pertinent developments and debates, with a focus on the most influential study, the OECD-project PISA. The presentations will be followed by a round table discussion with members of the Working Group.


  • Introductory Remarks
    – Meeting chair Dr. Maksym Halchenko, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine
  • The impact of PISA on the development of educational research and evidence-based decision-making | Read abstract
    – Prof. Benő Csapó, Professor of Education, University of Szeged, Hungary
  • Circulation of a mediated artefact. Questioning the consequences of PISA for education – the example of Poland | Read abstract
    – Dr. Piotr Zamojski, Assistant Professor, University of Gdańsk, Poland
  • Use and misuse of international large-scale assessments: Why it matters to science education and policy | Read abstract
    – Dr. David Rutkowski, Associate Professor with a joint appointment in Educational Policy and Educational Inquiry, Indiana University, USA;
    Dr. Leslie A. Rutkowski, Associate Professor of Inquiry Methodology, Counselling and Educational Psychology, Indiana University, USA, Professor of Educational Measurement, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Education as a global race – or for democracy and solidarity? The side effects of PISA testing | Read abstract
    – Prof. Svein Sjøberg, Professor Emeritus in Science Education, Oslo University, Norway
  • Plenary discussion – All participants


21 January 2020, 17:00 CET


Invitation-only online event