The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

2017 Edition

The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity serves the European research community as a framework for self-regulation across all scientific and scholarly disciplines and for all research settings.

The 2017 revised edition of the Code addresses emerging challenges emanating from technological developments, open science, citizen science and social media, among other areas. The European Commission recognises the Code as the reference document for research integrity for all EU-funded research projects and as a model for organisations and researchers across Europe.

The Code was published originally in English on 24 March 2017 and was translated to all official EU languages by the European Commission’s Translational Services and with the support of ALLEA Member Academies.

The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Original version in English

Published in 2017


Codi europeu de conducta per a la integritat en la recerca


Published in 2019

Evropský kodex integrity výzkumu

Czech translation

Published in 2021

Europese gedragscode voor wetenschappelijke integriteit

Dutch translation

Published in 2018 

Euroopa teaduseetikakoodeks

Estonian translation

Published in 2018

Tutkimusetiikan eurooppalaiset käytännöt ja ohjeistus

Finnish translation

Published in 2020

A kutatási integritás európai magatartási kódexe

Hungarian translation

Published in 2018

Europos elgesio kodeksas mokslinių tyrimų etikos klausimais

Lithuanian translation

Published in 2018

Il-Kodiċi ta’ Kondotta Ewropea għall-Integrità tar-Riċerka
Maltese translation

Published in 2019

Europeiske retningslinjer for forskningsintegritet

Norwegian translation

Published in 2019

Código Europeu de Conduta para a Integridade da Investigação

Portuguese translation

Published in 2018

Európsky kódex etiky a integrity výskumu

Slovak translation

Published in 2018

Evropski kodeks ravnanja za raziskovalno integriteto

Slovenian translation

Published in 2018

Den europeiska kodexen för forskningens integritet

Swedish translation

Published in 2018