“Climate Action is Slow for a Combination of Understandable Reasons”

Climate action has been far too slow. Why? The obvious answer: distrust of the science. Yet, even in places where the scientific findings have been accepted, and even as scepticism is waning, the response remains sluggish. Philosopher Philip Kitcher sheds a light on some of the forces that continue to hold climate action back.

It Matters How We Open Knowledge – ALLEA Statement on Equity in Open Access

Today, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA) published the statement “Equity in Open Access” that addresses how “gold” open access publishing routes and large read-and-write deals contribute to establishing inequitable structures within academic research.

ALLEA Leads New SAPEA Project on Strategic Crisis Management in the EU

ALLEA is taking the lead on a new SAPEA project on the topic “Strategic Crisis Management in the EU”, to address a question raised by European Commissioners to the Scientific Advice Mechanism: Based on a broad and multidisciplinary understanding, how can the EU improve its strategic crisis management?

Towards a New European Research Area — Interview with Kerstin Sahlin

Professor Kerstin Sahlin (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) is Professor of Public Management in the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University. She is also the Chair of the new ALLEA Working Group on the European Research Area, which celebrated its first meeting on 7 October.

ALLEA President at the Black Sea University Network (BSUN) Congress

On 13-15 October 2021, ALLEA President Antonio Loprieno delivered a virtual keynote at this years' Black Sea University Network (BSUN) Congress, hosted in a hybrid format by the American University of Armenia (AUA).

ALLEA Responds to European Commission Consultation on New Genomic Techniques

On 21 October 2021, ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, responded to the European Commission’s public consultation on ‘legislation for plants produced by certain new genomic techniques (NGTs)’.

Dare to Know! ALLEA at the Berlin Science Week

ALLEA is proud to be part of the Berlin Science Week for a second year. The science festival provides international scientists and science driven organisations with a stage to share insights into current topics, discuss grand challenges and envision the future together.

“A Transition to Climate Sustainability Requires a Change in Culture in Science”

Climate sustainability in academia is emerging as a pending, urgent task for all research institutions and individuals. How can science reduce its own emissions without compromising excellence and international collaboration? Can the academia travel culture be re-examined and transformed into a more sustainable model?

Presenting PERITIA’s European Student Competition on Youth on Trust

The EU-funded project PERITIA is organising a special Youth on Trust Awards for 2022. The competition invites students from across Europe to share their views in a forum where their voices can be heard on the topic of trust in our social and political life. ALLEA is one of the organisers of this initiative.

Stellenausschreibung: Mitarbeiter*in für Personal- und Verwaltungsangelegenheiten

ALLEA, der europäische Dachverband der Wissenschaftsakademien, sucht für die Geschäftsstelle in Berlin zum 1. Januar 2022 als Elternzeitvertretung (Teilzeit) bis zum 30. April 2023 eine/n Mitarbeiter*in für Personal-und Verwaltungsangelegenheiten (Human Resources and Administration Officer).

Genome Editing Beyond the EU: A Global Conversation

On Thursday 5 October, ALLEA participated in an online Expert Committee meeting of the Re-Imagine Europa-led Task Force on "Sustainable Agriculture and Innovation" to exchange international perspectives on regulatory systems for new genomic techniques in agriculture.

What Europeans Think About Science and Technology

What are the overall attitudes of European citizens towards science & technology? How do Europeans view the role of science in their own lives and in society at large? At the ALLEA Digital Salon, we take a closer look at the latest  Eurobarometer survey on ‘European citizens' knowledge and attitudes towards science and technology' to find data-driven answers to these questions.

PERITIA Lectures on Trust in an Age of Disinformation

The EU-funded project PERITIA is about to start the second part of its lectures series [Un]Truths: Trust in an Age of Disinformation. Hosted by the UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life and the American University of Armenia, the series explores the concept of trust and truth in light of current events. The lectures start on 21 September and will run every second Tuesday, until November 2021.

Law, Human Rights & Climate Change: A Conversation with Helen Keller

The 2021 laureate of the Madame de Staël Prize, Professor Helen Keller, shares some insights into her work as a scholar of law and as a judge, having previously worked at the UN Human Rights Committee and at the European Court of Human Rights, where she served as judge between 2011-2020. She also tells us what winning the Madame de Staël Prize means to her and what her current research focuses on.

ALLEA Participates in Workshop on the Future of ERA Governance

On 2 September, ALLEA participated in a workshop on the future governance of the European Research Area (ERA) organised by the Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the EU in Brussels. The event is part of the programme of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.