This paper is the Czech translation of the ALLEA Discussion Paper ‘Fact or Fake? Tackling Science Disinformation.’ This paper examines the potential of technical and policy measures to tackle science disinformation and calls for improved European exchange and coordination in this field.

While disinformation strategies are intoxicating public discourses in many fields, science disinformation is particularly dangerous to democratic governance and society at large. As highlighted by the ongoing pandemic, an undermining of trust in science poses a fundamental threat to political and individual decisions based on evidence and scientific knowledge.

Over the past years, extensive research and a variety of strategies have been developed and applied to tackle science disinformation. ALLEA’s paper reviews this work, focusing on the roots and consequences of this multi-dimensional phenomenon, as well as practical solutions for policy, technology and communication.

The Czech translation was provided by the Czech Academy of Sciences.

  • Year : 2021
  • DOI: 10.26356/fact-or-fake