One Year of War in Ukraine: Exploring the Impact on the Science Sector and Supporting Initiatives

The second conference on the Ukraine crisis, held in March 2023, one year after the start of the full-scale assault on Ukraine and its people, engaged with the insights and recommendations that emerged from the previous conference held in June 2022. It sought to place them in the broader context of how and why the international science system and research community can show solidarity in times of crisis. The speakers told of the appalling and indiscriminate damage inflicted upon Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, its cultural, educational and research facilities – but also of the resilient response of the Ukrainian scientific and academic community.

The fundamental point to emerge from the conference is that if science is for the global common good and a shared endeavour that transcends borders, then it is incumbent upon the global scientific community to stand in solidarity with our colleagues in times of crisis. This solidarity must be respectful of local agency, and it must be offered in a spirit of partnership and cooperation.

This conference report that highlights the impact and responses to date, including a review of the recommendation put forward in the June 2022 conference.

  • Year: 2023